Are you looking for repair and maintenance or a design remodel?

Alle Ghadban Construction brings its years of experience to every project, small or large. From repairing a damaged floor to complete design-build services our goal is to provide solutions that are as well-conceived as they are cost-effective. Read more...

You’d be surprised how affordable Design-Build can be with Alle Ghadban Construction.

The advantage to integrating the design and construction of your project is not just better quality, it means making the most of what you have within a budget that works for your project. Small project or large, when the knowledge of how to build things well is used creatively the results speak for themselves. Find out how we can make a difference for you.

We have workers available by the hour for small items that need to be repaired or corrected quickly and correctly. We always provide an estimate after review of the items and prior to starting the work. Please see our time and material rate sheet for billing rates.
Many homes have a number of items that need repair or multifamily apartments and condos that are in need of many deferred maintenance items that can be listed with us and priced for execution. We also provide regular maintenance contracts for regularly scheduled service needs.
We will review the ideas you have in mind for your home and whether it is improvements for energy efficiency, minor changes to a bath and closet to a full scale remodel or complicated historical homes that require custom attention to corrections that need to match work done 100 years ago.
Our extensive background in designing for and working with homeowners' needs, as well as a facelift for multifamily condo’s and apartments, is surprisingly affordable and enjoyable to work with existing workmanship or completely change it right back to the studs and new floor plans.
We are available to participate in development projects ranging from finding the projects to designing and completing the construction.
We have experienced professionals who are well versed in dealing with emergency service and insurance claims and can help you deal with the insurance carriers on any insurance situation.